Asia's top 2018 Shanghai international bus show opens on November 19-21
文 / 2016-07-06 11:17

The "BUS EXPO Shanghai international passenger car show" was the perfect ending on August 11, 2017. As the top Asian event of the bus and bus industry, this year's exhibition is a "new highland" with the latest theme, luxury lineup, top products and technology. The exhibition will promote trade, promote product exchange and build brand promotion platform as the fundamental purpose.
This exhibition focuses on the image of China's new energy passenger car, and shows the latest achievements of China's smart transportation and charging facilities. Surrounding the exhibition "Internet +", the theme of "green traffic", by showing the new technology, new products, unfolds the Chinese passenger car industry the latest cutting-edge technology in the field of new energy.


Since the exhibition began on August 9, there has been a surge of enthusiasm among visitors from around the world. According to statistics, the first day of exhibition of the exhibition is more than 25,000 people, nearly 200 exhibitors, and 30news media participated in the report. During the exhibition, nightly waiting for visitors to "winding dragon", visitors covered the various social groups.
  This exhibition brands cover industries of all kinds of highquality goods, many visitors emotion, feeling deeply, many visitors said that the exhibition is to let them feel the transportation industry wide coverage,
  It is an important cause of people's livelihood. Through this exhibition, confidence in the equipment manufacturing industry has been enhanced, which has been encouraged and has the courage to work hard.

In the short three days of the exhibition, the scene of live communication can be seen everywhere, communication with friends from home and abroad, promotion of industrial development and development of enterprises.